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World's Hardest Game review

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The World’s Hardest Game is addictive and trains your brain while traveling around the city or expecting something.

Storyline 10/10

The title has a unique premise, easy-to-learn gameplay, and simple idea. It looks exactly how you can expect that idea. You are suggested to control a red square, which you will see on the screen. It would help if you moved it to an exit, maneuvering around the obstacles - blue circles moving much faster. When performing the task, you should pick up the yellow circles. Once you have collected all of them, head towards the green padlock, and complete the level. The result will influence your score following the number of times you have died and other factors.

You are expected to complete 30 rather hard levels here, which will hardly suit everybody. You will then have an opportunity to compete to get the result marked on the world leader board. Trust me, these tasks are unbelievably complicated, and you will feel satisfied when you manage to perform them. You will not get bored trying all the levels. They provide new secrets and unexpected traps. Still, the goal is the same – you should avoid the blue dots while moving vertically to the exit. So, be ready to fail. If you have up to 20 deaths, you will get nervous, but the game is so addictive that you will continue hanging there to beat the level. If you find it easy, the developer delivers three degrees of difficulty for every level: Hard, Harder, and Impossible.

To navigate the red square, you are offered to apply two different control schemes. You can touch the screen or tilt the device. The former allows you to perform the task of tapping and holding. Here there is one problem. You will cover the red square with your finger entirely, and that may be inconvenient to see the way you move it. The latter allows using the accelerometer, which will move the red square. In this case, you should adjust sensitivity to keep your move under control. Whatever you choose, the controls are responsive and well-done.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The design is straightforward, with 2D visuals and a lack of colors and decoration. When you look at the game, you will not have the slightest idea of the coming trial. It seems so primitive with several squares and dots on the screen, but you will understand what I am talking about now when you start. There are sounds when you are playing and die. They can make you feel just by the situation: losing or winning. Be ready that they psychologically play against you. As to the interface, there is a menu, but you will almost not use this method of navigation because the rules are simple, and no need for additional information.

Bottom Line

The World’s Hardest Game is rather difficult. That is why I recommend it for those who are not afraid of frustration. Do not deceive yourself with its plain appearance. The first impression can be misleading. Just start to move the red square trying to avoid the blue ones and enjoy the process… if you can do it.

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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