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Sound Meter review

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Sound Meter is a new step towards a better understanding of the influence various sounds can have upon our health. The application is meant to gauge and classify the sounds of your environment, thus giving you guidance on how to secure your hearing and mental health. 

It’s perfect for people who have experienced or are currently experiencing hearing problems. Used indoors and outdoors, the application can measure the level of sounds in dB to provide you with a chronological interactive history of your surroundings. 
Whether you are a music school teacher, an eager music enthusiast, or just a regular individual concerned with the probability of hearing loss, this app is worth considering.

By allowing the application to use your microphone, the device will keep track of all the sounds in your environment. Each noise permutation is compared to that of a standard noise source.  

Interface — 10/10

Designed for simplicity and accessibility, the interface consists of a diagram, dB indexes, and a graph. Each of the features allows the user to observe the slightest changes in noises and sounds around them. The diagram is a flow-circle that shows the increase and decrease of noise input. It’s completely real-time with a rapid and on-the-spot response, which shows second-by-second changes. The top left corner of the on-screen interface displays classifications, which correlate to the dB index located in the diagram. Each tier compares the sound input to the closest possible source, from a whisper to a rifle shot to provide a greater perspective. 

The interface also shows the loudest sound registered during a session. It’s displayed either under the classification tab or on the graph above the ‘Record’ button. Tapping on the graph will switch between the modes allowing you to choose between a drop-down list and a picture.   

Features — 10/10

The app is created not only to register and compare sounds but also to give you hints on how to reduce harmful sound influences. For this, the product is improved with a test that every user can take. By using your headphones and spending around 5 minutes in a quiet room, it’s possible to determine your ear capacity, find your best ear, and identify a possible hearing problem.  

On top of this, use the graphs to see the noise difference of changes in your surroundings by converging your saved past and current results. 

Usability — 10/10

To utilize the app, it’s enough to allow access to your microphone so that the receptors can start recording noises and sounds. Rename, save, and delete your history by going to the history menu. Also, go to the settings to calibrate the frequency and adjust it to your current device. Set up your daily noise barrier to maintain a safe and ear-friendly sound environment.


The app is available on both AppStore and PlayMarket for free-of-charge downloading. In case of a hearing test, make sure to use high-quality headsets or earbuds to ensure precise and well-performed testing. Moreover, you can pair the app with your notifications while operating in the background to receive notes and hints if you exceed a recommended noise level.


Sound Meter is a useful tool for maintaining your acceptable noise environment levels. It’s great because it works. Utilized for children or personal use, now it’s possible to see whether your habit of listening to music loudly is likely to cause any harm or not.
Make sure to follow the guidelines to get the best out of it.


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  • Clear interface
  • There is a hearing test
  • Measurement accuracy

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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