Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game

Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game
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Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game review

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Another Minecraft-like pixelated game for your phone. It’s a real-time shooter where you fight with other players. Shoot them, stab them, get points, and rewards. Please invite your friends to kill along with them. Choose your character, customize your weapons, 

Storyline 7/10

At first, you begin with a tutorial where you learn how to shoot. The controls are with a joystick, which isn’t too comfortable. It took some time to get used to it for me. You shoot by clicking on a special circle on the screen. You can also zoom in and out on the target. 
There are different kinds of weapons, including a sniper gun. You have to choose the game mode: there are Competitive, Casual, and Missions available where you play against other players. I preferred to play as a single player. Then you choose the scenery, and you have a few try to go and kill somebody. Not very comfortable with killing via your phone, but it is possible. For killing each player, you receive experience. Then you can get to the next level with better weapons, better health, and better skills. Be careful not to turn off your phone; otherwise, the game will be rebooted once you go back to the game. You can also create your own shooting arena here and create parties to play with.

You can cooperate with your friends into clans and play together with them as a team. Get high scores. You get in Pixel Strike daily bonuses such as coins, credits, and a case on the 5th day. You buy clothes, boots, skins, trails, etc., with coins; credits - are real money, you need them to buy coins (prices from 0.99$ to 99.99$). 

Graphics 4/10

I’m not too fond of this pixelated game design. The characters have various shapes, including Santa Claus, Slender man, Penguin, etc., they all look similar, and it isn’t easy to figure out what the character is. The weapons, though, look realistic and cool enough, even axes. I also liked the variety of scenery you can choose from - it doesn’t look that different, but there are many obstacles, stairs, rocks, and houses, which makes the gaming experience more challenging and fun. There’s no change in time of the day in the game - always daylight. 

Sound 9/10

This game's music isn’t what I expected - not typical aggressive themes but rather fun music closer to the fun side. It doesn’t excite you too much, which isn’t good for this stressful game. I was replaying some songs in my head - that’s a good sign that the music isn’t bad. The gunfight sounds are realistic, like real-life weapons. 

Our Impressions 5/10

I liked this game. I think it’s good stress relief - killing other players in real-time. At the same time, it gives you more stress when other people kill you. That makes Pixel Strike 3D very addictive because you want to get back for the revenge. And I think it’s more suitable for people with friends who also like shooters - this way you will play together and win more often. So, all in all, I’m getting back to the game from time to time and already unlocked some cool features which you can get only with more experience.

Graphics and Sound 4

Controls 8

Gameplay 7

Lasting Appeal 5

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Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game

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