How to Cook Pizza Dough – Authentic Italian Cooking Tips

Authentic Italian food is made by using ingredients grown or sourced locally. Italian cooking is not a cottage industry, so that means the cost of ingredients is often cheaper than that of the generic brands you find in supermarkets. To help you learn how to cook pizza dough in your own kitchen, we’ve put together a couple of easy recipes to get you started.

The most important thing to remember when making pizza dough is to always let it rise before using it. Too much yeast in the dough can dry out your dough. The yeast should not be allowed to enter the dough at all, it must come in the form of breadcrumbs.

When it is time to bake the pizza, you can spread some olive oil on the dough. Spread the oil on one side of the dough, cover with plastic wrap and leave for three hours, allowing the dough to rise. Meanwhile, remove the dough from the plastic and transfer it to a floured surface. Dust with flour if the dough gets too sticky.

Let the dough rise again until it has doubled in size. In another bowl, mix together the egg, flour and salt. Next, fold in the eggs one by one, being careful not to incorporate any air bubbles. Once you have folded in all the eggs, roll the dough into a tight ball.

To begin shaping the pizza, you will need to divide the dough into two equal portions. Place each portion on a lightly floured surface and stretch the dough to fit around the outside of a flat cake pan.

Pinch the ends together, making sure they are sealed. Place the container into the oven and bake for twenty minutes, checking the oven after ten minutes to make sure it hasn’t burnt. If the pizza still needs to be turned, just turn the pizza once and then return to the oven.

When the pizza is done, let it cool in the refrigerator before removing it from the container. To keep the dough from becoming hard, you can cover it tightly with foil, but be sure to allow it to rest for at least thirty minutes before eating. If you decide to eat the pizza, spread a layer of Parmesan cheese across the top.

Make sure the pan you used to bake the pizza is large enough to hold the dough and as big as the pizza itself. Make sure the pie pan is not near a stove or an open flame. Cooking the pizza at an improper temperature can ruin the pizza’s taste.

Once the pie is cooked, allow it to cool. Once it is cooled, spread the tomato sauce over the top and slice the pizza. Enjoy!

One of the best ways to follow authentic Italian cooking tips is to never leave your dinner unattended. This includes preparing the pasta, preparing the salad and then cleaning up after the meal.

These are just a few of the many authentic Italian cooking tips to make a truly delicious meal. If you are interested in creating an authentic Italian meal, try these recipes for pizzas and pasta, as well as some other basic Italian cooking tips.

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