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GuitarTuna: Guitar, Bass tuner review

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GuitarTuna is a modern solution to tuning your musical instrument routine. With millions of downloads, the app has revolutionized the way instruments sound. Thus, simplifying learning and practicing for good.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and versatile tuning app, then this application might be just the one for you. Created by experienced musicians and music enthusiasts, GuitarTuna can come in handy for people who are always on the road or don’t want to carry tuners along every time they leave the house. The application includes over a dozen musical instruments from the simple acoustic guitar to the infamous Russian balalaika. For more efficient tuning, it’s important to use the app in a calm, silent environment with little to no background noises.   

Constantly updated and renewed, the application aims at perfection. This way, with every update, there are fewer and fewer design and functionality issues. The company takes a lot of pride in sustaining a customer-developer connection to ensure high-quality user experience.

Interface — 10/10

The design is meant to move the user experience as close to reality as possible. With a realistic exposition of the head, tuning keys, strings, etc. the interface gives you a perfect visual insight into the details. The animation changes as it follows your tuning by perceiving the sounds and slightest fluctuations.

Also, the application gives you guidelines on the proper finger positions, pressure application, and timely chord changes. It includes a set of options that not only allow you to tune up your musical instrument but also to train your ear, achieve new accomplishments by challenging yourself with daily tasks, as well as interact with a vast music enthusiast community.

Choose the right chord by touching the on-screen interface. Move the slide in the top right-hand corner of the screen to opt for manual or automatic tuning. Transit effortlessly between different features displayed at the bottom of the app frame.

Features — 10/10

As the application’s purpose is not only to tune the instruments but also to act as a guide of music basics, there is a wide array of features. First, it offers your game mode to improve your skills of tuning through various in-built high-resolution simulations. Second, you can challenge yourself with a set of daily tasks that take you on a new level of perception to get you to the perfect pitch. Finally, you can always connect with Yousician support should you encounter any technical issues.

Usability — 4/5

The application is made using the most sensitive receptors to recognize even the slightest sounds. Every time you pull a string, the receptors analyze the frequency and showcase it on the interface. Calibrating your instrument is very easy simply by following the dot on the screen. 

Moreover, with high-profile noise-reduction features, the app doesn’t mind any extra sounds. Thus, staying attentive to the string and your tuning. 


Including over a dozen different musical instruments, GuitarTuna is great for acoustic tuning. Besides including the most used instruments, it’s compatible with other instrument variations, like five, seven, and twelve-string guitars.
As for smartphone compatibility, the app is suitable for all iOS and Android versions and doesn’t take much space on your phone.


GuitarTune is helpful for beginners, confident musicians, and professionals. It provides high-quality options for tuning your instrument wherever you are, no matter the background. The app is very easy to use and doesn’t require advanced knowledge of tuning. Simply follow the guidelines and prepare your instrument for sounding pitch-perfect. Also, it offers a nice, user-friendly subscription.


  • Users reported not so good tuning


  • Interesting design and animations
  • A great variety of instruments
  • Can be used even in noisy area
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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