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Brainly – The Homework App review

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Brainly – The Homework App presents the service for instant knowledge exchange. Millions of students and tutors gathered together to help each other with school and university homework tasks. Share your problem on any subject, and help will be forthcoming.

Brainly is a universal homework helper for anyone who attends school and university. It’s a huge knowledge base created by users. Everyone here is happy to help and get some help from you. You can download Brainly – The Homework App for Android and iOS on Google Play for free or launch it via the browser. 

Everything Has An Answer

Brainly – The Homework App is a massive archive of questions and answers that have been generated for years. Hundreds of thousands of answers have already been revised by Brainly experts. You can browse the database using keywords and sentences related to your problem and select solutions with the “Checked” mark. It means that you can use it confidently. If there’s no instant reply to your difficult task, you can leave the request and wait until someone notices it. It usually takes less than an hour to get the correct answer. Users reply to the vast majority of requests within 10 minutes. Subscribers live all around the world in different time zones so that you can get help 24/7. 

Be The Expert

There’s no doubt that you know something better than others. Brainly – The Homework App allows you to share your knowledge and experience by answering other users' questions. Each helpful reply will bring you experience points and change your status from ‘Novice’ to ‘The Chief Brain.’ It’s an opportunity to learn and teach someone at the same time! There’s also an option to discuss questions in real-time, chatting with an unlimited number of users. If your account receives a lot of XP, it will get a higher visibility rank, and other users can ask you questions directly. 

Any Subject

Brainly – The Homework App knowledge base covers such subjects as math, algebra, geometry, literature, languages, chemistry, physics, history, law, and many more. If you use Brainly for exact sciences, you will enjoy the updated LaTeX keyboard that includes symbols for typing formulas of any difficulty level. 

One For All

Brainly – The Homework App is a unique solution to all your homework difficulties. It won’t do everything for you, but it will help you understand everything needed to solve any problem. Help others to get points and spend them to find answers. That’s how it works!


  • Issues with ranking after the latest update
  • No offline database


  • 24/7 expert help within 10 minutes
  • Extensive knowledge database
  • Quick smart search engine
  • Convenient ranking system
  • Universal scientific keyboard

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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